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Registrum VIII, 1b (No 'real' letter)

Common name of letterRegistrum VIII, 1b
Pages in Caspar's edition from 515 to 516 (►dMGH)
Number in JL 5176
Type of documentother
(from Caspar's edition)
Investiture of Robert Guiscard by Gregory VII.
Place of issueCeprano
Date of issue1080 June 29
(Caspar prints "Juni 6", but that's obviously a mistake. It seems that Caspar has taken (correctly, as I assume) the place of issue Ceparano from the preceding oath Registrum VIII, 1a (as ut supra in the text suggests) but has taken falsely the date of Registrum VIII, 1.)
Address lines
IncipitEGO GREGORIUS PAPA investio...
Datum line ACTUM UT SUPRA.
Commentary'Supra' refers to Registrum VIII, 1a (No 'real' letter).
Is included in
(4 different items)
Name of collection Number, page, chapter... within collection

Albinus, Gesta pauperis scholaris

book 10, cap. 41, p. 93

Deusdedit, Collectio canonum

book 3, cap. 287, p. 395

Register of Gregory VII

book 8, no 1b

Rome Vatican 8439

fol. 26

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