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Registrum VI, 17a (No 'real' letter)

Common name of letterRegistrum VI, 17a
Pages in Caspar's edition from 425 to 429 (►dMGH)
Type of documentSynod document
(from Caspar's edition)
Protocol of the Roman Lent council of 1079
Date of issue1079 February 11
IncipitAd honorem Dei et hedificationem sanctae ecclesiae salutem...
Datum line Anno ab incarnatione sempiterni principii millesimo LXXVIIII. mense Februarii Indictione II pontificatus vero domini GREGORII universalis pontificis VII. anno VI.
CommentaryThe oath of Berengar of Tours also in Registrum III, 17a* (No 'real' letter).
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Cambridge 1797

fol. 195

Hannover Collection

NO 24

Just the oath of the legate of Henry IV.

Hypothetical collection ha

Hugh of Flavigny, Chronicon

book 2, p. 443
Later addition by Hugh

Hypothetical collection ha

Hannover Collection

Liber pontificalis

p. 285-286


Paris BN 8922

fol. 172v

Just the Berengar part till recesserant

Paul of Bernried, Vita Gregorii VII

cap. 103-104, p. 536

The oath of the legates of Henry IV is not in Watterich's edition.

Register of Gregory VII

book 6, no 17a

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Registrum III, 17a* (No 'real' letter)

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