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Registrum VI, 8

Common name of letterRegistrum VI, 8
Pages in Caspar's edition from 408 to 409 (►dMGH)
Number in JL 5088
Type of document(Normal) letter
(from Caspar's edition)
Gregory VII sets a last deadline for Archdeacon Hubert of Térouanne and the count of St. Pol (Artois) concerning their dispute with the clerics of St. Omer
Place of issueRome
Date of issue1078 November 25
Address lines GREGORIUS episcopus servus servorum Dei Uberto et clericis et comitibus de castro sancti Pauli Guidoni et Ugoni salutem et apostolicam benedictionem si oboedierint
IncipitClerici sanctae Mariae et sancti Audomari adeuntes...
Datum line Data Rome VII Kalendas Decembris Indictione II
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Name of collection Copied from here by Number, page, chapter... within collection Textual features Fons formalis

Boulogne 72

fol. 271r

episcopo vestro instead of episcopo vestri (as in the register); et ad ultimum coram Hugone Diensi coepiscopo et fratre nostro missing; querelam senserint fecisset instead of querelam fecissent; in excommunicatione iam dicta instead of in excommunica (?) iam dicta; Other than that, completely as in Saint Omer 188.

Hypothetical collection Saint Omer collection

Hypothetical collection Saint Omer collection

Boulogne 72

Saint Omer 188

See Saint Omer 188.

Original in St. Omer

Register of Gregory VII

book 6, no 8

Saint Omer 188

fol. 86r-86v

clericis de castro sancti Pauli salutem instead of Uberto et clericis et comitibus de castro sancti Pauli Guidoni et Ugoni salutem; sibi et prefatis sanctis aufertis instead of sibi et suae ecclesiae aufertis; episcopo vestri instead of episcopo vestro; Diensi missing; fratre nostro et coepiscopo instead of coepiscopo et fratre nostro; cumque ille instead of atque ille; deberent instead of debeant; episcopus quoque vester instead of episcopusque vester; vobis precipimus instead of precipimus vobis; debere missing; evitaveritis (?) instead of vitaveritis; legitimum finem huius tam longe faciat contentionis instead of legitimum finem faciat huius contentionis; Quodsi nec istud instead of Quodsi et istud; vestris comitibus et fautoribus instead of comitibus; in excommunica (?) iam dicta instead of in excommunicatione prescripta; modis omnibus satagant instead of omnibus modis satagant; datum line missing.

Hypothetical collection Saint Omer collection

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Registrum VI, 9

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