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Registrum VI, 5b (No 'real' letter)

Common name of letterRegistrum VI, 5b
Pages in Caspar's edition from 400 to 406 (►dMGH)
Type of documentSynod document
(from Caspar's edition)
Protocol of the Roman Lent council of 1078.
Place of issueRome
Date of issue1078 November 19
IncipitCelebrata est synodus Rome in ecclesia sancti Salvatoris...
Datum line ANNo ab incarnatione Domini millesimo LXXVIII. pontificatus vero domni Gregorii VII. papae VI. XIII Kalendas Decembris [I]ndictione II
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Berthold, Chronicle

a. 1078, p. 340-344

Boulogne 72

fol. 271v

cap. 1: militi instead of militum; cap 4: patrum missing; Other than that, as in Saint Omer 188

Ex decretis Gregorii pape vii

Hypothetical collection Saint Omer collection

Hugh of Flavigny, Chronicon

book 2, p. 423-424

Hypothetical collection Saint Omer collection

Boulogne 72

Saint Omer 188

See Saint Omer 188.

Liber Tarraconensis

book 5, cap. 46-57

Paul of Bernried, Vita Gregorii VII

cap. 102, p. 536

Register of Gregory VII

book 6, no 5b

Saint Omer 188

fol. 86r

cap. 1: a rege quocunque instead of a quocunque rege; susceperit vel suscepit instead of suscepit vel susceperit; eorum consensu tenuerit instead of etiam eorundem rectorum depravato seu vitioso consensu tenuerit; cap. 2 missing; cap. 3: fieri cognovimus instead of cognovimus fieri; immo ruinam sancte religioni after oriri; cap. 4: Si quis episcopus instead of Si quis; dignum est enim instead of dignum enim est; cap. 5: obsequio alicuius persone earum promerendarum intentione instead of obsequio alicui personae ea intentione (nowhere else!); falsas instead of irritas (correction in register); cap. 6: potest instead of possit; gravioribus culpis instead of culpis gravioribus; omnino derelinquat instead of derelinquat; nec tamen interim desperet, sed instead of ne tamen desperet, interim; deus omnipotens instead of omnipotens deus; ad paenitentiam illustret instead of illustret ad paenitentiam; cap. 8: ea die instead of eadem die; psolle(m?)pnitate instead of festivitate (nowhere else!); cap. 9: ipsius in cuius dyocesy habitat instead of episcopi consensu, in cuius diocesi habitat (nowhere else); cap. 10: vel clericale added after sacerdotale officium (nowhere else); cap. 11: beato petro inde instead of exinde beato Petro; eandem hereditatem beato Petro legitime restituat instead of eandem hereditatem beati Petri legitimae restituat; cap. 12: precio vel precibus intervenientibus instead of precibus vel pretio interveniente; sibique compertum missing (addition in the register); cap. 13: apparebis instead of apparebit;

Ex decretis Gregorii pape vii

Hypothetical collection Saint Omer collection

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