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Registrum IV, 28

Common name of letterRegistrum IV, 28
Pages in Caspar's edition from 343 to 347 (►dMGH)
Number in JL 5041
Type of document(Normal) letter
(from Caspar's edition)
Pastoral letter to the kings and princes of Spain commending the papal legates Bishop Amatus of Oléron and Abbot Frotard of St. Pons.
Place of issueCarpineto
Date of issue1077 June 28
Address lines GREGORIUS episcopus servus servorum Dei regibus comitibus caeterisque principibus Hyspaniae salutem et apostolicam benedictionem
IncipitNon ignorare credimus prudentiam vestram, quin...
Datum line Data Carpinete IIII Kalendas Iulii Indictione XV
Is included in
(5 different items)
Name of collection Number, page, chapter... within collection Textual features

Albinus, Gesta pauperis scholaris

book 10, cap. 30, p. 92

Benedictus canonicus, Liber politicus


Cencius, Lib. censuum

NO 71, no 95, p. 356

Deusdedit, Collectio canonum

book 3, cap. 277, p. 382

just a part

Register of Gregory VII

book 4, no 28

Item with a reference to this letter

Ep. vagans 21

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