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Registrum IV, 1

Common name of letterRegistrum IV, 1
Pages in Caspar's edition from 289 to 292 (►dMGH)
Number in JL 4998
Type of document(Normal) letter
(from Caspar's edition)
Gregory VII admonishes all supporters of Saint Peter in the regnum to urge Henry IV to penitence and to avoid those of his supporters not showing any sign of regret while admitting the others to community.
Place of issueLaurentum
Date of issue1076 July 25
Address lines GREGORIUS episcopus servus servorum Dei omnibus in Christo fratribus, episcopis videlicet abbatibus atque sacerdotibus, ducibus etiam principibus atque militibus omnibusque christianam fidem et beati Petri honorem re vera diligentibus in Romanum imperium habitantibus salutem et apostolicam benedictionem
IncipitGratias agimus omnipotenti Deo...
Datum line Data Laurenti VIII Kalendas Augusti Indictione XIIII
Is included in
(5 different items)
Name of collection Number, page, chapter... within collection Textual features

Hugh of Flavigny, Chronicon

book 2, p. 440

Kremsmünster 27

fol. 202v-203r

Liber pontificalis

p. 283

a rather long part, mixed with Registrum III, 15

Manegold of Lautenbach, Liber ad Gebehardum

cap. 11, p. 333

just Scitis, fratres. It is not 100% sure that Manegold refers to this letter.

Manegold of Lautenbach, Liber ad Gebehardum

cap. 11, p. 333

just a few words

Register of Gregory VII

book 4, no 1

Item with a reference to this letter

Registrum III, 15

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