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Registrum I, 48

Common name of letterRegistrum I, 48
Page in Caspar's edition74 (►dMGH)
Number in JL 4825
Type of document(Normal) letter
(from Caspar's edition)
Gregory VII orders Bishop Olbert of Genoa and the people of Genoa to do justice to a woman who was condemned of adultery too quickly.
Place of issueLateran
(Caspar prints "Rome" in his edition, but there's no reason why Lateran should be substituted with Rome.)
Date of issue1074 February 26
Address lines GREGORIUS episcopus servus servorum Dei Uberto Genuensi episcopo et universo loci illius clero ac populo salutem et apostolicam benedictionem
IncipitIntelligentes errorem vestrum de periculo vestro valde timemus...
Datum line Data Lateranis IIII Kalendas Martii [I]ndictione XII
Is included in
Name of collectionNumber, page, chapter... within collection

Register of Gregory VII

book 1, no 48

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