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Registrum I, 29a (No 'real' letter)

Common name of letterRegistrum I, 29a
Pages in Caspar's edition from 47 to 49 (►dMGH)
Also known asSupplex epistola
Type of documentother
(from Caspar's edition)
King Henry IV blames himself for various causes, among them being simoniac. He promises to follow the advice of the pope, especially concerning the affair of Milano.
Date of issue between 1073 August 01 and 1073 September 30
(The dating is disputed. The one given here is that of Caspar. Erdmann in his 1937 edition and Laudage/Schrör in their collection of sources concerning the investiture controversy (2006) give the date just as "1073".)
Address lines Vigilantissimo et desiderantissimo domno papae GREGORIO apostolica dignitate caelitus insignito HEINRIcus Romanorum Dei gratia rex debiti famulatus fidelissimam exhibitionem
IncipitCum enim regnum et sacerdotium...
Is included in
Name of collectionNumber, page, chapter... within collection

Hugh of Flavigny, Chronicon

book 2, p. 425
Later addition by Hugh

Register of Gregory VII

book 1, no 29a

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