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Ep. vagans 59

Common name of letterEp. vagans 59
Page in Cowdrey's edition140
Number in JL 5274
Type of document(Normal) letter
(from Cowdrey's edition)
Gregory VII urges answers Bishop Altmann of Passau and his followers to promote the liberty of the church.
Date of issue between 1073 June 30 and 1085 May 25
Address lines Gregorius episcopus servus servorum Dei dilecto in Christo fratri A. Patauiensi episcopo salutem et apostolicam benedictionem
IncipitQuia te credo sincera corde...
Is included in
Name of collectionNumber, page, chapter... within collectionTextual features

Vita Altmanni

cap. 30, p. 238

only parts

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