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Ep. vagans 32

Common name of letterEp. vagans 32
Pages in Cowdrey's edition from 84 to 86
Number in JL 5109
Type of document(Normal) letter
(from Cowdrey's edition)
Gregory forbids the faithful of Germany and Italy to accept the ministrations of unchaste clergy and enjoins obedience to the papacy.
Date of issue1079
Address lines G. episcopus servus servorum Dei per totum Italicum regnum et Teutonicorum debitam Petro obedientiam exhibentibus salutem et apostolicam benedictionem
IncipitSi qui sunt presbiteri...
Is included in
(7 different items)
Name of collection Number, page, chapter... within collection Textual features

Berthold, Chronicle

a. 1079, p. 352-353

A fragment

Decretum Gratiani

NO 81, cap. 15, col. 284

Florence Plutei.16.15

fol. 6v

Gerhoch of Reichersberg, Tractatus in psalmos

p. 417-418

Last sentence missing

Kremsmünster 27

fol. 202v

Marianus Scotus, Chronicon

a. 1079, p. 561

Just a part

Namur 5

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