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Ep. vagans 22

Common name of letterEp. vagans 22
Page in Cowdrey's edition58
Type of document(Normal) letter
(from Cowdrey's edition)
Gregory informs the clergy and people of Tours that he has restored Archbishop Ralph to his episcopal and priestly office and provides for legates to visit Tours and hear complaints against him.
Date of issue between 1078 March 09 and 1078 December 31
Address lines G. episcopus servus servorum Dei clero et populo Turonensi salutem et apostolicam benedictionem
IncipitArchiepiscopi vestri diligenter...
Is included in
Name of collectionNumber, page, chapter... within collection

Budapest 5

fol. 9v

Paris Duchesne 4

?? (if included at all and not a mistake of Cowdrey 1972 p. 163 (list of used manuscripts))

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