G7LDB - Gregory 7th Letter Database
Database of the Letters of Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085): Which letter is in which collection?

Ep. vagans 14 - visualisation of tradition

Bruno, Bellum SaxonicumEV 14Hypothetical collection pEV 14Hypothetical collection gEV 14Hypothetical collection haEV 14Annalista SaxoEV 14Bernold of Constance, ApologeticusEV 14Codex UdalriciEV 14Frutolf of Michelsberg, ChronicleEV 14Gerhoch of Reichersberg, De investigatione AntichristiEV 14Hannover CollectionEV 14Hugh of Flavigny, ChroniconEV 14EV 14EV 14Königsberg fragmentEV 14Manegold of Lautenbach, Liber ad GebehardumEV 14EV 14Paul of Bernried, Vita Gregorii VIIEV 14Sélestat 13EV 14Wolfenbüttel CollectionEV 14

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