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Ep. vagans 6

Common name of letterEp. vagans 6
Pages in Cowdrey's edition from 14 to 16
Number in JL 4931
Type of document(Normal) letter
(from Cowdrey's edition)
To Archbishop Werner of Magdeburg: Gregory urges German bishops to co-operate in eliminating simony and enforcing clerical chastity, and transmits the decrees of his Lateran council.
Date of issue1075 February
Address lines G. episcopus servus servorum Dei Magdaburgensi archiepiscopo salutem et apostolicam benedictionem
IncipitCum apostolica auctoritate...
CommentarySame text as Ep. vagans 7.
Is included in
Name of collection Number, page, chapter... within collection

Munich 16054 (first folio)

fol. 1r

Munich 18541a

fol. 222v

Munich 18541a

? (Hoffmann p. 127 fails to make clear what is where)

Item with a reference to this letter

Ep. vagans 7

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