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Saint Omer 194

Common name of collectionSaint Omer 194
Type of collectionSingle item in manuscript (explanation and all of this type)
Date (relevant parts)12th century
Bibliographical referenceSaint Omer Bibliothèque municipale 194.
Commentary Cf: Lotte Kéry, Canonical Collections of the Early Middle Ages p. 136.
Name of letterNumber, page, chapter... within collectionTextual features

Registrum VII, 16

fol. 128v

tarvannensium instead of tarvannentium; in registro nostro scripta instead of in nostro registro scripta; prefatam instead of prephatam; predictis canonicis tuis instead of predictis concanonicis tuis; datum line missing. No additional sentence!

Items with a reference to this collection

Hypothetical collection Saint Omer collection

Registrum VII, 16

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