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Chartularium ecclesiae Salernitanae

Common name of collectionChartularium ecclesiae Salernitanae
Type of collectionDocument collection (explanation and all of this type)
Date (relevant parts)between c. 1100 and c. 1140
Bibliographical referenceChartularium ecclesiae Salernitanae, Rome Bibl. Vat. Fondo Patetta
CommentaryBegin of the 12th century. The manuscript was not findable as Santifaller prepared his edition.
Name of letterCopied from here byNumber, page, chapter... within collection

Santifaller 27

Archivio Vaticano MA II

Rome Vatican Pal. 1880

Florence, Magdliab. II, IV, 495

Rome Vatican 5638

Milan D 319

fol. 5

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