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Anselm of Lucca, Collectio canonum

Common name of collectionAnselm of Lucca, Collectio canonum
Type of collectionCanon collection (explanation and all of this type)
Date (relevant parts)between 1081 and 1086
Bibliographical referenceFriedrich Thaner, Anselmi episcopi Lucensis Collectio canonum una cum collectione minore (Innsbruck 1906)
CommentaryThe edition is seen as problematic. See Kathleen G. Cushing, Polemic or Handbook. Recension Bb of Anselm of Lucca's Collectio Canonum, in: Bishops, Texts and the Use of Canon Law Around 1100: Essays in Honour of Martin Brett, ed. Bruce Clark Brasington, Kathleen G. Cushing (Cornwal 2008) p. 70 note 1.
Name of letterNumber, page, chapter... within collectionTextual features

Registrum VIII, 21

book 1, cap. 80, p. 53

just a part

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