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Liber pontificalis

Common name of collectionLiber pontificalis
Type of collectionNarrative source (explanation and all of this type)
Date (relevant parts)between 1106 and 1200
Bibliographical referenceed Duchesne, tom. 2
CommentaryCf. Zimmermann, Das Papsttum im Mittelalter (Stuttgart 1981) p. 117.
(14 different items)
Name of letter Number, page, chapter... within collection Textual features

Registrum I, 1* (No 'real' letter)

p. 282

Registrum II, 52a (No 'real' letter)

p. 282

just a part

Registrum III, 10a (No 'real' letter)

p. 283

Just the ban against Henry IV.

Registrum III, 15

p. 283

mix with Registrum IV, 1

Registrum IV, 1

p. 283

a rather long part, mixed with Registrum III, 15

Registrum IV, 2

p. 283

A very small part

Registrum IV, 12a (No 'real' letter)

p. 284

Registrum V, 14a (No 'real' letter)

p. 284-285


Registrum VI, 5a (No 'real' letter)

p. 285

third person singular

Registrum VI, 17a (No 'real' letter)

p. 285-286


Registrum VII, 14a (No 'real' letter)

p. 287-289

introduction shortened

Registrum VIII, 5

p. 289

A short paraphrase

Registrum VIII, 14

p. 289

Just one sentence (Quorum... - curavit)

Registrum IX, 35a (No 'real' letter)

p. 289-290

Last paragraph is missing

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