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Chartular of Tours

Common name of collectionChartular of Tours
Type of collectionDocument collection (explanation and all of this type)
Date (relevant parts)between 1076 and 1600
Bibliographical referenceChartular of Tours, now lost. Editions: Martène, Veterum scriptorum nova collectio (1700); Martène et Durand, Thesaurus novus anecdotorum 3 (1717); Morice, Preuves de l 'histoire de Bretagne 1 (1742)
(4 different items)
Name of letter Number, page, chapter... within collection

Registrum IV, 4

p. 58 (ed. Martène), p. 872 (ed. Martène et Durand), p. 444 (ed. Morice)

Registrum IV, 5

p. 59 (ed. Martène), p. 873 (ed. Martène et Durand), p. 444 (ed. Morice)

Registrum IV, 13

p. 61 (ed. Martène), p. 874 (ed. Martène et Durand), p. 445 (ed. Morice)

Registrum VII, 15

p. 65 (ed. Martène), p. 877 (ed. Martène et Durand), p. 450 (ed. Morice)

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