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Saint Omer 189

Common name of collectionSaint Omer 189
Type of collectionLetter collection (explanation and all of this type)
Date (relevant parts)between 1082 and 1100
Bibliographical referenceSaint Omer Bibliothèque municipale 189, vol. I
CommentaryCf. Albert Derolez, The autograph manuscript of the Liber Floridus : a key to the Encyclopedia of Lambert of Saint-Omer p. 192.
Name of letter Number, page, chapter... within collection Textual features

Ep. vagans 45

fol. 173r

Taruennensem instead of Taruanensem (Cowdrey and Gallia Christiana); cuius instead of cui (Gallia Christiana); sacrilego (like Gallia Christiana) instead of sacrilegio (Cowdrey); promotiora (?) instead of promotioni (Cowdrey and Gallia Christiana);

Ep. vagans 46

fol. 173r

Taruennensis instead of Taruanensis (Cowdrey, Gallia Christiana); obedierint (like Cowdrey) instead of obierint (Gallia Christiana); audimus instead of audivimus (Cowdrey, Gallia Christiana); Taruennensis instead of Taruanensis (Cowdrey, Gallia Christiana); aperte (like Cowdrey) instead of a parte (Gallia Christiana); obtestante instead of obstante (Cowdrey, Gallia Christiana); esset (like Gallia Christiana) instead of esse (Cowdrey);

Ep. vagans 47

fol. 173r

Taruennensis instead of Taruanensis (Cowdrey and Gallia Christiana);

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